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Dave Entenmann

  Primary Area of Focus:

"Big Dave" Entenmann got his nickname due his 6'7" 245 lb frame. A former NCAA Division 1 football player, Dave grew up in a small town in Eastern Washington where the small town upbringing structured the great morals he carries with him today. His education and desire took him into the travel industry where he had the opportunity to meet and serve the likes of Bob Hope, The Seattle Supersonics and Van Halen to mention a few. Big Dave then spent a majority of his adult life in the retail industry with an international wholesale corporation and has aquired over 20 years of management, marketing and customer service experience. It was during this time that he became interested in real estate investing.

A seasoned investor since 1996, Big Dave has owned property as a landlord as well as being a lease purchase specialist. He has rehabbed properties for resale and lease purchase since 1999. His passion for helping people realize their dream of home ownership is what led him to pursue the lease purchase option in real estate. He is versed in many different methods of creative real estate and financing and has many ideas and solutions to "get the deal done".

Dave first became associated with TC and Vickie Bradley in 2005. At that time, he incorporated their vision of real estate investment strategy as a welcome addition to his own business model. He has been investing natiowide ever since and still owns property in four states. He reconnected with TC and Vickie in late 2009 and has been in constant contact with them since.that time. Big Dave says, "With the passion and integrity of this group, their goal of helping homeowners and homebuyers during these trying times is not only being realized, it is extremely satisfying to each group member."

Big Dave resides in Mount Vernon, Washington with his beautiful wife who he met four years ago in Bangkok, Thailand. Because of his "do it yourself' attitude, he has gained valuable experience in immigration law and procedures bringing his wife to her new home in the USA.

You may call or text Big Dave at: 360-770-9697


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